Riot – Lil Skies

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Nome da Música: Riot
Artista: Lil Skies
Gênero: Rap
Lançamento: 2020


Formato: Mp3
Qualidade: 320 Kbps
Tamanho: 6.3 Mb


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Letra: Riot – Lil Skies

Yeah (yeah), yeah (woah, woah, woah)
I (woah, woah, woah, woah)
I (yeah)

Walkin’ dripped out, you see the details
I got water on me drippin’ like a seashell
I gave her lust, she wanted love, I told her: Oh, well
When I was broke, I busted traps of my next hell
What you gon’ do when you make it?
‘Lot of people change when it comes to bein’ famous
Fifty thousand cash in my pockets when I lane switch
I’m a rich nigga, I won’t fuck her if she basic
She a rich bitch, cut a nigga off for fakin’
Nigtmare on elm street, I confront it like I’m jason
Hardly ever sleep, I told the doctor I’m dream chasin’
I gave her the addy, she popped up and we got faded
Ten minutes later she was naked, ass shakin’
Real rockstar, them pretenders just be playin’
If I got a problem, then my brother get to sprayin’
Don’t care what he say, we gon’ catch him where he layin’
I’ma boss up on any occasion
Young nigga poppin’ tags
Young nigga got a bag and he got his own swag, let’s go
Young nigga stay low, got a lot of peso
And he sellin’ out shows, you know
I’ma die for the gang, spent like eighty on the chain

[?] Get your brain bitch
Smoke nigga, you ain’t never help your mans
I hit a lick for 20 bands then put 10 up in his hands
You a he nigga, and I’m living by the co
I got hoes now, I got money in the flow
Why your baby daddy broke? That nigga is a joke
I should probably put him on but I probably really won’t
She wanna come and suck, I told her come ride this dick
Bad bitch, break her heart, cupid

Riot – Lil Skies

Riot – Lil Skies VIDEOCLIPE

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